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Android ViewPager Fragment Example | Implement Unlimited Fragments

In Android anyone can create fragments that are views on an activity with different behavior which can be used to build a multi-pane User interface. In this blog you'll see Android ViewPager Fragment Example in which we will create fragments on activity.

However, the best part about fragments are that they can be reused in multiple activities.

Android ViewPager Fragment Example Here is a step by step tutorial on Android ViewPager Fragment Example:

Open Android Studio and create a new Project. Create an Empty Blank Activity in the project.Wait for Gradle to build and then go to Project in the Left Corner.Have Android Selected in the Project Drop down menu and go to your package name in the Java folder (app > java > 'com.cpmpanyname.appname')Right click on the folder and then go to New > Java ClassName this class as ViewPagerAdapter as keep visibility as public with no modifiers.Once the class is created open it and extend the class to FragmentPagerAdapter.Now click…

Get your Website Ranked on Google using this Search Console Android App

Getting your website ranked on Google Search is a dream of many bloggers and website owners. However, this can be quite overwhelming initially specially if you are some body like me who just started up with a new blog and have no idea about how to get your website ranked on Google.

Before starting up here we recommend you to go through this blog to set up required plugins in case you are using a WordPress CMS for your blog. 8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get Higher Rankings on Search Engines.

Getting back, to getting website ranked on Google, So once your website or blog is built you need to make it easier for Google bots to search and crawl your website. To make this happen either ou need to wait for few ages to make Google bots index your website or you can use a free tool called Search Console where you can submit and verify your website and get it quickly (utmost 3 days) crawled indexed by Google bots in Google Search.

However Search Console tool initially can seem to be qui…